Sunday, 22 June 2014

During our last few weeks of school, we've been working on a 'Growing Things' theme.  Here are a few of the activities we did:
  • for shared reading, we learned the song, The Seed.  It goes to the tune of, I'm a Little Teapot.  The kids added illustrations in the boxes of the page for their, "I Can Read!" books.  Here's a PDF for you to use:  The Seed  
  • we planted bean seeds in clear plastic cups, pushing the seeds in along the sides of the cup.  That way, it's easy to see them as they sprout.  Did you know that you can use the dry beans that you buy at the grocery store as seeds?  I always used to go out and buy actual seed packets, until a colleague told me that the cooking ones will grow, as well.  Much cheaper!  
  • after reading several Barbara Reid books, we made out own Plasticine garden pictures.  
First, we mixed blue and white to make a nice shade of blue for the sky. We used our fingers to thinly spread it over a 4x6 inch piece of card-stock (I punched a hole in the top beforehand.  Later, I'll thread and tie a piece of raffia through. It will hang from the raffia.). We rolled a yellow ball, pressed it in the sky for the sun, and then added skinny snakes for the sun's rays. We used our pointer finger to press down, and gently flatten them. Once that's done, I showed the kids how to make a variety of flower shapes by rolling the Plasticine into thin snakes, or small balls. Once they were in place, we used our pointer finger to gently press down and flatten them slightly. This was a good opportunity to practice colour mixing, too. We mixed white and red to get pink, blue and red to make purple. When the flowers were complete, we rolled snakes and balls to create stems, leaves, and grass. The kids were busy for most of an afternoon!  It was quite an easy project for them to do independently, once I showed them the basics.

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